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Visiting Kyoto, Japan?

Visiting Kyoto, Japan?


Visiting Kyoto, Japan?
Please try our French-fusion course in a hidden restaurant!
(At least) one day advance reservation is required.
English menu and English speaking server available.

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Restaurant Synager
(French-fusion restaurant)​
Located near Kyoto Imperial Palace, Synager is a hidden restaurant built from a reconstructed traditional Japanese-style Machiya house. We named our restaurant as “Synager”, inspired by English word “synergy”, hoping that our foods/drinks and dining experience will produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.
We offer full courses that are all chef’s choice (“omakase course”) only – all the dishes are for the chef’s choices of the day with careful selection of finest ingredients and best cooking method, which a guest can enjoy masterpieces of French-fusion cuisine with synergistic effect of fragrances, flavors, textures, temperatures, and colorful ingredients.